The One with the CokeFest - Islamabad Edition


As much as I love Islamabad with all my heart, it lacking in social events is no secret. My poor city is often termed as the 'dull' capital where everyone sleeps at 8pm! (on a side note, I would love to do that). But Isloo has upped its game by becoming 'the happening' place! Faizabad Dharna has definitely set the bar really high (all pun intended). 


Book Review: Jane of Austin by Hillary Manton Lodge


Jane of Austin is a modern retelling of Sense and Sensibility. Having only read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (guilty as charged!), this book was a novel story for me, having nothing to compare it with. To be honest, what encouraged me to pick up the book was the eye-catching and pleasant cover. 


Yet Another Review of "Jab Harry Met Sejal"


Slightly delayed but here goes. For those who have seen the movie, read on to see if we had similar thoughts; for those of you who are yet to watch it, this review might help you decide! I solemnly swear that this review will be as spoiler free as possible. 

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